About Zoey Hess and
The Birthday of an Angel

Hardback: 24 pages
Publisher: LongTale Publishing (May 2015)
ISBN: 978-1-941515-66-2
Retail Price: $15.95
Product Dimensions: 8x8


Written by a 11-year-old girl, The Birthday of an Angel is an inspirational journey of an everlasting relationship and connection that lives on forever. Losing a loved one is never easy. Most people think of death as a loss, something that causes such heartbreak that one would rather not think about it. This book shares a different perspective, showing that your loved one is an angel and will always be with you.

No other book, written by a child, explains the loss of a loved one from this unique and positive perspective. Both children and adults can easily identify with this story and use the information to develop their own coping skills. If you’re searching for a book about the loss of a loved one, this is a beautiful gift that is sure to resonate with readers of all ages.

About the Author:

My name is Zoey Leslie Hess, and I am 11 years old and attend Shlenker Elementary in Houston, Texas.

My favorite colors are blue, pink and purple.

My favorite class/subject is Language Arts.

I love to play volleyball, tennis, draw as well as hanging out with my family and friends in my free time.

With my Papa, I always remember playing in my toy kitchen and preparing and serving him all of his favorite foods.

When I grow up, I dream to be a psychologist or maybe a lawyer.

I wrote this book for me to share my own experience to help people. I lost Grandpa (Papa) who was extremely present and important in my life. I want “The Birthday of an Angel” to come from my own perspective and explain how you can still have connections with your loved ones when they pass away. I want to help other children to find a positive way to heal and assist in finding those feelings and connections they shared with their own loved one.

I also wrote this book for Papa. It was a great way for me to share how great of a man he was and express how much he means to me.

I want people to know that their loved one (their angel) will always be with them. When you feel alone or sad, believe that you are still connected and they are always in your heart.

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The Birthday of an Angel

No other book, written by a child, explains the loss of a loved one from this unique and positive perspective. Readers of all ages are sure to be touched.